The first 3.0 gaming accessory

24 06 2009

Let’s hope it actually sees the light of day. There’s a photo of it in the forums.


GameBone Pro The above is an artist impression. Production model may differ slightly.


GameBone Pro is one of the world’s first iPhone OS 3.0 compatible 8-way D-pad 6 buttons game controller to incorporate a 2000mAh battery, both Bluetooth and Apple’s 30-pin dock connector connectivity, built-in speaker and 3.5 audio headphone jack.

The GameBone Pro features :

• Dual connectivity – Connect with Bluetooth wirelessly OR use the 30-pin dock connector cable
• 2000mAh Lithium-ion Battery for additional power for your iPod touch / iPhone*
• LED showing charging state and capacity
• 8-way D-Pad with 6 buttons
• Bluetooth button for pairing and status
• Built-in speakers, mic and 3.5 audio headphone jack
• “Made for iPod” and “Works for iPhone” certification**

Additional, the GameBone Pro will come with a iPod touch / iPhone stand supporting vertical and horizontal positions.

* Additional power ONLY work when using 30-pin dock connector cable and not in Bluetooth mode.
** Pending Apple approval

LATEST UPDATE 23/6/09 : We are currently working on a clip-on rotating “I” stand that will allow the GameBone Pro to be attached to the iPhone / iPod touch while in use. Rendering and photo’s of the GameBone Pro will be uploaded over the next coming month as well as specifications such as size, weight and ratio etc. We are currently testing several finishes one that includes a grey rubber feel and appearance such as our Argo MPA video eyewear. FAQ’s and polls will be set up over the next coming weeks.


Pricing and Availability

What are currently open to pricing suggestions from the public. We want to ensure our customers get the best value possible and our distributors/resellers receive a decent margin as well. Please feel free to suggest a recommended price for our GameBone Pro.

Currently our ETA for the GameBone Pro is mid September 2009**. To be notified when it becomes available, register your interest HERE.


GameBone Pro SDK

The GameBone Pro SDK will be available FREE to ALL iPhone SDK Developers shortly. To be notified when it becomes available, register your interest HERE.




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